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What is it like to work for SPECIALTY Professional Services?

What Our Professionals Have to Say

At SPECIALTY Professional Services, our healthcare professionals receive first-class customer service. We are there for you 24/7/365. Go ahead and read some testimonials from our family of healthcare professionals and see why so many professionals choose us as their nurse staffing agency.

“I am going on my 2nd year working with SPECIALTY as a Physician Assistant. I have over 14 years of total experience. I’ve worked for a few local placement agencies and I can’t say they were positive experiences. My coordinator at SPECIALTY has always been prompt to return my calls, answer my questions and keeping me abreast of more opportunities that fit my skill set. I can’t speak too strongly about how great they are.”

M. Barillo, ANP, PA-C

“I’ve been with SPECIALTY Professional Services for 9 years and never have had another employer since. They’ve always had as much work as needed to keep me busy. Their reputation of being New York’s highest paying agency is true – They always surpass their peers. Since they’ve been in the business close to 20 years, they’ve been able to secure contracts all over the region, which allows me the flexibility to work at various hospitals, the Bronx being my favorite. I never get the feeling of employer abandonment where calls don’t get returned –not only do they return calls, they do it in lightning speed.”

S. Alikian, RN, MSN CNOR Operating Room

“SPECIALTY is great to work for. Their best attribute is that they have the best staffing personnel in the business that are sympathetic to the needs of the nurse first. I highly recommend them.”

C. Waga, RN, CEN Emergency Room

“They are the best. Even though I work and live in South Jersey, I do my best to come into the office once every couple of months to say hi and bring them lunch.. They are awesome. Oh, and I am Philadelphia Phillies & Eagles fan. I don’t like the Yankees or Giants, but they don’t hold that against me.”

A. Tonkin, LPN Licensed Practical Nurse

“Even though I get called from many agencies that want me to work with them, I never go. I am very happy with my choice of working with SPECIALTY, I find them to be the best agency. They get me working when I need work and I always get paid on time with no glitches.”

J. Fernandez, Certified Surgical Technologist

“I’ve worked for most agencies in the New York area, none compare to the service level I’ve experienced with SPECIALTY. I was referred to SPECIALTY from my Nursing Supervisor while I was unhappily working for a large Brooklyn based agency that had promised me one pay rate and then 2 weeks later lowered me by $3/hrs. This was 13 months ago-I’ve since been with SPECIALTY. I give them an A+.”

C. Mendez, RNC, MSN, CCRN Intensive Care Unit / PACU

“SPECIALTY is not just an agency, but an employer with caring individuals who you enjoy working with you. They provide reliability and professional attitude towards everyone. I’ve worked for them for 5+ years and will continue for many more years to come. If you are a Registered Nurse living in the New York metropolitan area, join the family at SPECIALTY.”

J. Messina, RN BSN Emergency Room

“I have been with SPECIALTY for more than 15 years. The team at SPECIALTY has always been there for me and treated me with utmost respect – like family. Everyone should be so lucky to have an employer like mine. I give them an A+.”

M.C Yu, RN Emergency Room

“My experience has been awesome, and I feel like I’ve grown up with SPECIALTY. I’ve had my two biggest life-changing events while working here. First, I graduated from Nurse Practitioner program with a specialization in Geriatrics. I also got married to a fellow RN whom I met at an orientation SPECIALTY sent me to me back in 2003. We currently both work for SPECIALTY. I love the flexible work, which fits into my schedule so well. I’ve always been treated with respect and valued as a member of the SPECIALTY family. Many think that working agency doesn’t allow you to learn new things, but my experience has been the complete opposite. I’ve learned a great deal working agency and I’m always treated as more than a number. I’ve referred several people because I truly believe it’s a great company to work for!”

R. Adelman, RNC, ANP Critical Care /PACU