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Our Screening Process

Specialty Professional Services, Corp employees undergo a stringent mandatory minimum screening process which was established by our Quality Improvement department in conjunction with our Chief Nurse Executive. All healthcare professionals must go through this process in its entirety, prior to being booked at any facility. Specialty regularly monitors credentials and performance through a state-of-the-art customized web-technology platform that is designed to notify the organization of discrepancies well in advance. Regular monitoring of our healthcare professionals credentials is our commitment to delivering quality staffing services. This process includes, but is not limited to, a professional background screening, certifications, clinical testing in their specialty(s) with a passing score of 80% or higher as well as a personal interview. Along with our screening requirements, Specialty abides by all local, state, and federal regulatory bodies along with any requirements set forth by The Joint Commission.

The goal of this thorough screening process is to enable customers to select from a pool of qualified candidates who are up-to-date on relevant healthcare practices and procedures. We believe effective placements are never an accident. As a Joint Commission certified healthcare staffing organization, our compliance program ensures that our healthcare professionals are screened thoroughly to reduce risk to your facility.  

As members of the Specialty team, employees are subject to receive routine evaluations from the time they begin working in a facility and at regular intervals thereafter. Continued evaluation helps to determine the best-possible fit between both facility and employee.  

The documentation outlined below must be met and evaluated by a designated Quality Assurance Manager prior to hire of any healthcare professional:

Employment Application / Resume
Professional License Verification
Valid CPR card (signed front/back)
Valid ACLS/PALS... based on unit assigned
Completed I-9 (Proof of US employment eligibility required)
Annual Physical Exam /Statement of good health
Annual Negative PPD. If + negative chest X-ray with annual TBQ 
Successful completion of HIPAA and OSHA mandates
Current immunizations and/or titre levels
Minimum one year experience in the specialty unit assigned
Completed skills checklist(s) for your area of practice
Two professional references (from a clinical manager)
Competency exams for all clinical specialties worked
Negative results of a Pre-Employment Urinalysis 
Background screens (criminal, OGS, OMIG, GSA...)

We're happy to discuss your specific needs. All you have to do is just email us for more information E-mail Quality Assurance Department