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Mission Statement

The primary mission of Specialty Professional Services, Corp has not changed since our founding back in 1993, that is, to set “the standard” in supplemental staffing within the healthcare industry.

Through our years of extensive experience in the healthcare staffing industry, we have realized that excellence is something to be both proved and earned. Our dedication to providing the best in customer service and satisfaction does not end with our healthcare professionals. At Specialty, we believe that our healthcare professionals represent our own commitment to patient care. It is this attitude that we bestow upon our staff, ensuring that they act with the same professionalism and consideration that we would demonstrate. How our healthcare professionals function within your particular environment is instrumental to maintaining our impeccable reputation in the industry.

We are committed to providing the finest staff available for your facility.

We are committed to providing choice opportunities to our qualified nursing staff.

We are committed to providing patients with the best in nursing care.

With all this in mind, we know that our customer’s success is indeed our success; and it is this attitude that we implement within our company. We are proud of the reputation we have earned over the years in the industry and it is our mission to continue to provide the best in supplemental staffing for many years to come.

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