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Benefits & Perks

Specialty Professional Services offers you the finest employment opportunities around, coupled with a benefits program designed to award our healthcare professionals for their dedication and hard work. Here’s a list of some of our outstanding benefits:

  Top Salaries

  Referral Bonuses

  Facility Referral Bonuses 

  Contract Assignments

  Per-Diem Assignments

  Permanent Placement

  Sign-On & Completion Bonuses

  Group Medical Coverage

  401(k) – Retirement Plan (Day 1)

  "Quick Pay" or Weekly Payroll Options

  24/7/365 Support

 Tax Advantage Plan

 Generous Tax Free Travel Allowances

Top Salaries:
Specialty's reputation strives to be the highest paying agency in the area. Call your local office to find out more specifics:

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Referral Bonuses:
Specialty is pleased to continue the most lucrative referral program in the industry. Anyone can refer to us. Remember you don’t have to work for us to refer to us. Physicians, secretaries, maintenance workers and security guards are some examples of people that have taken advantage of our program. We base referral bonus amounts upon the modality and placement specialty of the healthcare professional.

Simply work 120 non-orientation hours and the bonus will be paid immediately. The following, is an example of our bonus program:

 NPs and PAs $500.00
 RNs and PTs $400.00
 LPNs and ORT/STs $150.00
 PCAs MAs and CNAs $50.00

**Referral bonuses for healthcare professionals can vary by location. Contact your local Specialty branch office to see if a referral bonus is being offered in your area.

The requirements for receiving a referral bonus are:

1. You or your referral must not already be listed in the Specialty database. (Your staffing coordinator will notify you immediately if you are already on file)
2. The referred nurse must mention you in the first conversation with a Specialty representative on the phone or in the office. If your name is not mentioned or is not on the application you will not be eligible for a bonus.
3. We must have a completed W-4 withholdings statement completed by the *referral source prior to payment of bonus.(Note: all bonuses are subject to taxes)
4. In a case of "reciprocal referring" or (two new candidates applying and referring each other)., only one referral bonus will be paid to be split between both candidates. This also applies to those who have two people claiming they are the referral source.
5. Specialty reserves the right to change the plan details at anytime without notification

*All Recycled Nurse Practitioner (NP) Referrals will be paid at $250.00 while Registered Nurse (RN) referrals will be paid at $200.00. If you have any questions as to what a recycled nurse is, please don’t hesitate to call a Specialty representative.

Referrals are a valuable part of our business and a win-win for all parties. Remember, anyone can refer to us. You DON’T have to be a healthcare professional and don’t even have to work for us to benefit from this. To Refer Someone to us CLICK HERE

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Facility Referral Bonus
If you know of an assignment or position at a facility that Specialty does not currently work with or offer, let us know about it by either e-mailing us at or pick up the phone and call 718-428-3600 x201 for more details. Specialty will offer two levels of bonuses. If you refer us a long-term-care center (nursing home / assisted living community) facility in which your lead turns into a new working relationship and we place you at that facility, you will receive an additional $750 bonus. Acute Care Hospitals, Medical Centers or Allied Health Centers bonuses will be paid at $1250. Same terms and conditions apply as above.

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Contract “Guaranteed” Time:
Specialty offers contract assignments which range in length from one week to several months or more. Depending on the need, you can work one shift per week or full-time hours without chance of getting cancelled. It offers you guaranteed work and the hospital continuity of patient care.

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Per-Diem Assignment:
Specialty offers per-diem work allowing you to work when you want, where you want without having to deal with any of the politics of a staff/full-time position while still earning a very high hourly rate.

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Permanent Placement:
Specialty's permanent placement division is focused solely on placing HCP’s in permanent positions that fit your personality and work style, as well as, your technical skills

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Sign-On & Completion Bonuses:
Are you interested in earning some extra cash? Many of our facilities that we contract with will offer sign-on and completion bonuses based on the urgency of a position. Sign-on bonuses will typically be paid out within the first few weeks of the assignment. Completion bonuses will be paid after upon successful completion of the contract assignment. For more details, contact your recruiter or coordinator for further details. (Note: all bonuses are subject to federal and state taxes)

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Group Medical & RX Plan:
Specialty is committed to offering you quality comprehensive group health benefits through United Healthcare / Oxford for any full-time contracted employees. This coverage includes major medical, prescription plan and hospitalization.  There is a 60-Day Probationary period prior to signing up for our medical plan. For more information regarding what your participation cost will be, please call the office. All payroll deductions for your healthcare coverage are done on a pre-tax basis.

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401(K) Retirement Plan:

Effective day-one of employment with no minimum hourly requirements! Specialty employees can start contributing a portion of their wages for their future through our 401(k) program.

For more information on the 401K plan, and to enroll, go online to You will see a place on the left hand side of the screen for you to Log-In. The first time you go to thissite, you should put your Social Security Number in the space for User ID, andput the last four numbers of your Social Security Number in the Password space.When you click on the Log-In button below, it will take you to a screen withinstructions for registering. Once you have completed this screen you will beable to move about in the site, look at information about the Plan, and enrollthe percentage you wish to defer from your paycheck each week. Should you haveany problems, please call the Retirement Service Center at (800) 695-7526

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Specialty offers two options to get your well deserved pay:

1. WEEKLY While on assignment, your payroll will be administered by Specialty using the services of the nation’s largest payroll company, ADP. Our healthcare professionals describe this as convenient and "On-Time and Accurate." This means every paycheck is wired directly into the bank of your choice each Thursday. For those who want to pick it up, please give the office advance notice in order for us to hold your check.  Note: if a holiday falls on a Monday in which banks are closed, this will delay payment by one day.

2. Quick Pay (QP)  (potentially you can work today get paid tomorrow -except weekends). Specialty is pleased to offer our QP program as an option for its healthcare professionals. QP will only be available via Direct Deposit into your bank of choice (checking or savings account). We do not process paychecks internally for personal pick-up. In order to get paid correctly and promptly each day, we must work together. All you need to do to enjoy this benefit is to submit a time-sheet to your local office after each shift you've completed. In order for prompt payment into your account, the time-sheet must be signed by the facility, as well as verified by the office. Our pay payroll is processed each weekday at 11a. All shifts worked during the weekend will be processed Monday for Tuesday pay. For those who work Thursday evening/night, your pay will be available in your bank account Monday morning(if we have an approved time-sheet. Daily vouchers are mailed every Thursday explaining what shift was paid.Note, anytime a holiday falls on a weekday in which banks are closed, this will delay payment to your account one business day.

A Payroll Specialist will be available to assist you with any questions or special requests that may arise before, during or after your assignment. Feel free to email any questions to payroll or to call the office during regular business hours Monday through Friday 9am-5pm EST.

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24/7/365 Hour Support:
Specialty realizes that issues can occur at any hour, not just during office hours. In order to ensure you have the proper support, Specialty always has someone available around the clock, even when our office is closed. To contact a Specialty representative after regular business hours, just dial us at 800.863.3666 and our call-center will gladly assist you.

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Tax Advantage Plan:
Specialty offers the ability for traveling healthcare professionals to take home more money in their check each week by receiving a "Meals & Incidentals" (M&IE) and Housing Stipends. To determine if you qualify for the Tax Advantage Plan, it is best to consult a qualified tax advisor. Travelers can find more complete tax  details here: IRS tax Code

Generous Tax Free Travel Allowances:
Specialty is serious when it comes to saving you money. That’s why we do our best to offset travel costs for our traveling healthcare professionals.  Talk to your recruiter today to find out how Specialty can help cover your travel expenses on your next assignment with us.

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